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 spec and novice championship results corrections

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spec and novice championship results corrections Empty
PostSubject: spec and novice championship results corrections   spec and novice championship results corrections Icon_minitimeTue Dec 15 2009, 21:28

I'm sorry to inform we've made at least 2 mistakes that afected the top 3 places in Spec and Novice championships.

1-Spec clas: the points count for spec rider #42 Duke Marren was wrong from previous round calculation , He earned the 3rd place on the championship but I was called for that spot on the podium at the time of the championship awards ceremony last sunday. I was pretty surprised when I got called for 3rd place, even tough I don't keep track of my points since I only race occasionally, I didn't even think I was close to the top 3 places on the spec championship. I was pointed of the mistake yesterday so here is my apology.
On a separate note, the wrong points have been clearly posted on the website for about a month but nobody brought it to our attention otherwise we'd have it corrected it way before the awards. so please if anybody sees something that they believe it might be wrong or any concern please let me know on a private message.

2-Novice class: I guess after Nick Kosan crashed on that race some kind confusion occurred, and we thought he was a lap behind because our final results sheet shows him on 11th place but yesterday we were pointed that he finished 6th, we were finally able to verify this with the riders that finished behind Nick. the extra points would put him in 2nd place on the championship.

I'm very sorry about this incidents, we will correct this before posting it to the website.
I hope you guys accept our apologize and understand that we are trying hard to do it right but being new to this we sometimes got overwhelmed.
Thank you.
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spec and novice championship results corrections
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